MD5 Checksum 1.1
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MD5 Checksum 1.1

Free MD5 Checksum 1.1 is a small application to measure the MD5 of a file
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MD5 Checksum 1.1 developed by programmer Okaryn is a very small application to measure the MD5 checksum value of a any file . MD5 is a logarithm that generates a 128 bit value of string to identify it from others. This program measure the md5 value for any file by two different mechanisms. The first one is by attaching itself to the shell explorer so It appears after you make a right click on any file on your computer. The second method is By opening the program window from Start > All programs > MD5 checksum and launching the application then choose any file to calculate the md5 checksum of it. You may wonder what are the features that exists in this application and make it different from the too many md5 calculators and the answer is that It has a very small file size , The multi-Language support ( English - French ) that it has, The detailed documentation that comes with it and that it doesn't require any additional runtimes ( eg. .NET framework or visual basic runtimes ), Other good features are that It's very easy to use by just one right click and the high speed of md5 calculation. This program has a nice tray icon when you right click on it you can search for program updates or email the author asking for technical support.

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  • small size
  • Easy Install / Uninstall
  • Doesn't depend on .NET framework


  • No multiple files checking



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  • Md5 editor
  • Calculator checksum 32 bit
  • Shell method calculator